This blog is mainly for me to finally keep up with my WODs with World Camp Crossfit and my diet. I should have been doing this all along, but better late than never! Hoping for many successes and lots of people to chat with about how Crossfit has changed lives! I welcome any help you might could give me.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 rememberance Crossfit style!

Our WOD today...  In a five man group, 2001 m row altogether.  Then 9 rounds of 11 wallballs, burpees, box jumps, deadlifts, and situps!  Finish off with another 2001.  I thought of the 9/11 victims and survivors various times when I wanted to quit. 

I am the parent volunteer at the kids school for magazines this year.  I was able to crossfit every day but wednesday last week.   Not enough time to blog though.  Our coach was climbing Mt. Ranier all week too.  He made it along with a member of WCCF. 

I have lost one and a half pounds since 8/30.  Hoping for the next pound gone this coming week! 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Friday's WOD finished with 100 situps.  I can't remember what the WOD was though.
Saturday , I ran three miles. 
Sunday, I ate,drank, and was merry!
Monday...  Push press and deadlifts.  Then Diane.  I used 95 lbs and finished over 7 minutes, but not sure what. 

Labor Day at the lake was about the best one in a while.  Family functions sometimes suck.  My Dad turned 65.  When I am not exhausted, I will update my food and drink.

Monday's food has been on target. 

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yesterday's food totalled 1175 calories, so my workout paid for it this morning.   Today, I have had yogurt, steak and black bean quesadilla, a few chips (oops), cashews, and deli ham around a cheesestick.  Around 1500.

Our mechanic time was on the muscle up. 
    3 Rounds
30 Front Squats (35 for me/65 RX)
30 Ring Dips ( I used a box)
400m run

25:00 time.

Trying to gear up for a Labor Day weekend to not have a blowout holiday weekend.  Also nervous about what I want (and am) going to committ to.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wannabees piss me off!

Sled work then

Our WOD was named Cardio Gone Bad.

Set up like Fight Gone Bad.

The stations were

Double Unders
Mountain Climbers
Sprint 25m

We were told to go at 100% and not worry about counting.  I began with rowing , so having those few extra seconds I was able to row 12 calories instead of the 10 or 11 that I usually do in FGB.  Can't do doubleunders yet.  Pretty efficient on singles.  Sucked at mountain climbers and didn't eake out too many burpees.  My sprinting at 25m is better than to the curb and back.  It was nice that I ended with the sprints.  I couldn't imagine rowing after the sprinting.

After wod, I learned that several people around town are badmouthing Crossfit.  We are all used to the "your going to get hurt" or "I heard someone hurt thier back", but everytime the "he said, she said" starts it pisses me off all over.  Mainly from a gal in town that personal trains on her own.  Jealous that people are leaving for something that will actually work.  Not to mention, she is walking around with a leg brace on from an injury she got playing football with her kid in the yard.  I guess if she had been coming to WCCF, she could blame it on Crossfit.  Wannabes piss me off! And, wannabes that say crossfit is bad really piss me off!

Wednesday Willies!

Every Wednesday, I wake up a little nervous!  Our Wednesdays at the box are the hell day.  Usually when the Filthy 50, 300, FGB, 70/60/50/40/30/20/10,  etc.  happen.  Coach does not post our wods before hand, so there is always the WTH feeling waking up and walking into it.  We haven't done pullups in the past 5 wods, so I am sure whatever the wod is, it will include that.

I behaved last night, staying away from all beer and wine and eating Zone all day.  Slept from 10 to 6!  Woo hoo!  If I would only do that every day.  I am (I hope, I hope, I hope) after this Labor Day weekend. 

Yesterday, I put on my first 8 skirt on in many, many years!  I couldn't wear it in public.  It flattened my still large ass almost making it the size of my son's bike's wheel.  The seams might split open if I sit down bouncing that large ass out too!  But I got in it!  Also, got in a jean skirt my sister gave me from Banana Republic size 8.  Ass looked the same, and I broke a sweat getting it off.  Wonder if by the end of September, I could be in these without looking like the flat bike tire ass.  That is my goal for now.

My coach and a fellow athlete are going to hike Mt Ranier!  They leave Saturday for Washington state.  He should be putting a World Camp CrossFit flag on top Wednesday.  Super proud of them!    The athlete was training one day with a snorkel in his mouth rowing.  I had wanted to ask Coach WTH, but then I didn't know if this was another Crossfit thing I didn't know about.  After hearing that Warren was hiking the mountain, I felt relieved. 

Off to eat my yogurt and take vitamins and fish oil.  The fish oil makes me taste fish throughout my workouts.  Just started back on that on Monday, so I am hoping it will stop.  If not, I will have to stop the fish oil.  Another random thought too, if it weren't for my yogurt for breakfast and the cheesestick with my deli meet wrapped around it for most of my lunchs, I might could try Paleo.  I am going to have to Zone for the next couple of month, and read lots of people that made the switch to get inspired. 

Our news just announced that we have had the hottest summer (avg temp of J, J, and A of 86.8) since 1902.  It is the first summer I have exercised throughout the summer.  I knew it was hot on that asphalt just didn't know it was the hottest.  I had gotten a little down about how slow I was doing some of the wods, but now I am hoping that the heat played into that.  How I wish I had logged my wods earlier. 

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday August 31st

After a day of less than 1000 calories, I could tell during my workout.  I will not do that again anytime soon!  Our strength was Hang Clean 45 lbs for 5 and 50/55 lbs for 3. 

5 clean and press(cant remember what it was called) with 25 kettlebell (35 RX)
10 pushups
10 sit ups

10 rounds / 20 minute max.

I did 8.5 rounds

I had a mushroom omelete for bfast, two grilled chicken and pineapple soft tacos for lunch, cashews for a snack, and havent decided on dinner yet!  No beer or wine tonight for me!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday, August 30th

I decided that I am hoping no one from my hometown or here finds this blog.  Just logged my weight journey this past year on the side.  I am hoping that this Monday is different than all the other summer Mondays.  Back to healthy living, in hopes of another month like I had from mid Jan to mid Feb.  Kick start me! 

Our strength today was deadlifts again. 3 3 3 1.  Was able to do the 135, 145 again.  Heavy!  Tried 155, but it wouldn't budge.  We also worked on SDHPs.  3 3 3 1. Did 35, 45,55, and 65 for one.  We also did a minute of SDHP, to prepare for Fight Gone Bad V.  I used 45 and got 20 in.  Will try a little heavier next time, maybe. 


20 min AMRAP
Curb and Back
10 Kettlebell
Curb and Back

5 rounds for me at 45lb and 30lb KB.